Privacy Policy

This privacy policy encompasses the behaviour of all of the apps I distribute on the Chrome Web Store under the name “Benoit Hiller”.


The specific data collected, stored, and transmitted by each extension is detailed below in its respective section below.

YouTube™ Rating Loader

Information Collected

YouTube™ Rating Loader looks at every page you view on For every such page that has a format recognized by the extension, the extension collects the ids from everything it believes to be a thumbnail link to a YouTube video.

How the Information Is Used

These collected ids are then transmitted via an encrypted connection to a YouTube API endpoint so as to ascertain the “rating” of the video.

The extension also keeps a list of recent ids and ratings in a local in memory cache. This data is not persisted in any way.


Information Collected

tab-closer will collect the information you explicitly provide it such as settings you set or commands you run via the omnibar.

Also when used it will read the titles and urls of all of your tabs.

How the Information Is Used

tab-closer will store your settings in local memory as long as it is installed. It does not save your commands anywhere after it has applied them. It does not save any information collected about your tabs.

tab-closer does not transmit any information.